Can Today Really Be the First Day of the Rest of Our Life?

Today was an amazing day and so was yesterday.

It is the weekend, the two days I get to spend the whole day with my family.  Today I got up and spend most of the day with my wife, two kids and our puppy. 

This morning, my wife and daughter went out for a couple of hours and I spent that time with my son, awesome.

In the afternoon, we all took off out of town for a nice long stroll in the woods. I love the fresh air and the peacefulness of the forest. It was a great trail and at the end of it, everyone was tired but ready to do it again next weekend.


In the evening we had a wonderful dinner and then played cards till my youngest went to bed. School tomorrow. It really was a great weekend.

Back to work tomorrow, to a job I don’t love, but I am very good at. Monday to Friday, 3-11, the afternoon shift where I live. Most days are the same at work.

Each morning I get up and see my kids off to school, I’ll usually get about a half hour with them. I’ll get a few minutes with my wife before she has to leave for work. Just enough time to find out how yesterday went and wish everyone a great day today.

After everyone leaves for the day, it’s time for me to pop open my laptop and check my email and see what’s up on Facebook. Then it’s time to attempt to get down to work, you know that online make easy money stuff.

Let me tell you how much of that easy money I have made online so far…. none. But I do have serious surfing skills.

I have spent so much money on shiny objects, thinking that this one is the one that is going to click with me. This PDF has the answer I’m looking for, or that course will show me what I want to see. I guess part of the problem is that I’m not exactly sure what I want to see.

I know there are a ton of options to make money online. You could sell physical products through retail arbitrage or drop shipping on eBay, or Amazon, or Shopify, or on a website you create.

You could design T-Shirts or mugs and sell them on the same platforms as above, or Etsy, or Zazzle, or on Cafepress.

You could create a digital product and set up a funnel and sell it on warriorplus or Jvzoo or clickbank.

I know that I am not unique here, there are many of us, from what I hear, about 95% of us on the internet looking for a way to change our lives, but not doing what it takes to make it happen.

The funny thing, is that when I go to work and do my job, I am focused, I have my routines and I do what needs to be done. I’m sure you do as well.  When I open my laptop its like I throw my brain in a jar and stop using it. I lack focus, I become scatter brained. I’m like the dog in Disney’s movie UP, as soon as someone says squirrel (some new product), I’m looking in a completely new direction saying “hey, this looks what I’m looking for.”

For the last couple of months, I have been laying off the shiny stuff and trying to find some direction that is right for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking, just not buying.

I have recently come upon a challenge, “The Quick Start Challenge”, a challenge that spans 5 weeks. Each week covers a new topic, moving from blog setup to traffic. From income streams to list building.

It is put on by a couple of fellows from the UK, Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. Both seem to be stand up guys.

It’s time to put my brain back in and focus. Time to take action and break some of my bad habits. Time to create a new routine. Time to document my journey in the hope of inspiring you to do the same.

Let’s start with $1 and see where it goes from there.

Let’s make today the best first day of the rest of our lives.


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