Can You Have The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of?

Why do you want to start your own online Business?

So why would anyone want to start an online business? There could be a number of reasons.

  • 1
    You’re not loving your JOB
  • 2
    You want control of your own time
  • 3
    You want to be the Boss
  • 4
    Low start-up costs
  • 5
    Cut your commuting expenses
  • 6
    Stay home with your kids
  • 7
    Do this online thing with your kids
  • 8
    Start a Family Business
  • 9
    Have the freedom to take vacations or time off when you want
  • 10
    Have the ability to work wherever you want
  • 11
    Be as big or small as you wish
  • 12
    Access people all over the world
  • 13
    Meet some really amazing people all over the world
  • 14
    You can tap into your true creativity
  • 15
    You can help others
  • 16
    Feel proud in accomplishing something great
  • 17
    You can wear pajamas all day


Now, looking at this list, these are all reasons that I am creating an online business, except, maybe being in pajamas all day. My daughter would love that one.

After all expenses are paid, Freedom has to be my biggest reason.

Let me explain…

I have an amazing family, but I don’t always get to spend the quality time with them that I would like. They all head off to school in the morning (wife is a teacher) and I head to work after lunch. I get home after everyone is in bed.

In the evenings my wife and kids are out and about for sports practices and games for my son or singing lessons and choir for my daughter. Am I around to help out. NO, I’m at work.

If it falls on Saturday or Sunday, then I am there to help. Believe me, I am truly grateful for weekends.

Summertime is awesome because my wife and kids are home all day, mostly. Apparently hanging with friends is important.

We love to camp as a family, but this can only be done on the weekends. Unless of course, work has found it convenient to allow me to take some time off. The last few years we have rented a cottage and just relaxed for a week, one of the highlights of my summer.

Also, during the school year, the kids go on trips or have events going on during the day. Parents are usually welcome to help out or attend. Freedom would allow me to attend these and embarrass my kids. Sorry, I mean help out the school and kids.

My wife is a consultant with our school board and occasionally will run into one of the kids in school. My daughter, in grade 6, will run up to her give her a big hug and announce to all her friend, “Hey everyone, this is my mom” and the two of them will make a big deal about it.

When she runs into my son in grade 9, it’s a different story. The deal he arranged with her is that they can say hi to each other, but keep moving mom. It has to be low key. Makes me laugh every time I hear they ran into each other in school.

Freedom is very important to me. I would love to be the dad that could help out.

What is important to you?

What Do You Want Out of Your Business?

It is important to me that whatever I do online, that I create value for others. That there is a reason for you to come to visit me here at

As I continue to learn about online business, I hope to find a voice and style that will resonate with you, to teach and encourage you to find your own success. I also hope to learn and be inspired by you as we take this journey together.

What is Your Dream Life?

According to Dean and Craig of the Quick Start Challenge (this is week 2 of the QSC, here is week 1), unless you have a goal or something you are striving for, you are likely not going to get there. You need an end game.

It’s important to note that an endgame can change. As we grow up (I use that term very loosely), our priorities change, what was important yesterday may not be as important today. Life can change and take many turns. We are always adapting and hopefully moving forward, towards our goals and dreams.

So, my dream life…

To begin, I would love to work from home, where I can be available for my family. I have a garage with an upstairs that presently houses all my tools. Tablesaw, drill press, sanders, etc. But have come to realize that sawdust and I are in no way compatible.

The room has windows, but lacks ventilation.

I would like to gut this space and turn it into an office. Kind of a home away from home. Somewhere I can go to have my own private work area during the day. Like going to work but still being home.

It’s important to note that this office will not be named the dog house, right honey!!

Now that I have my office, and am organized, focused and productive, it’s important to make time for vacations.

I remember not too long ago, my wife had to head out of town for something. The kids and I went to pick her up at the airport. We saw a sign (an ad) on the airport wall about flights going nonstop to Paris. While waiting for my wife to arrive, we had a chat about how cool it would be to go to Paris. That conversation could have been about anywhere in the world.

Wouldn’t it be cool to say to the wife and kids, “hey everyone, pack a bag, we’re going to Paris” (I should note that I live in Canada, so this is a big deal).

I live in one of the most beautiful country’s in the world and I would love to see it coast to coast. There is so much to see and so many amazing people to meet (I must admit, while online, I’ve met some amazing people from all over the world, and you’re likely one of them).

I like where I live, but my house is not my dream house. Renovations could fix that. I have great neighbors and a good neighborhood. As of now, I would like to live where I am.

The car I drive at the moment is only 2 years old and the plan is to give it to my son when he gets his drivers license in a few years. My wife drives an SUV which she is happy with.

I would love to drive a pickup truck, a 4 door Ford F150, to be exact. Now before you, Dodge and GM fans get your hate on, it’s just what I like. Love to have a little sports car, maybe a Jaguar F-Type, in the garage for trips to the grocery store, you know, just for fun.

The last thing I would love to add to my life is just having the financial freedom to shop for what we want and to go out to a nice restaurant when the desire hits. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating at home but the occasional meal out is a great thing.

So, what are your dreams? Take some time and figure it out and write them down. Now you have some direction, somewhere you want to go.

What Are Your Monthly Income Goals?

To figure this one out, it is important to know where you are right now. Let's start with expenses.

Mine are…

Car payments
Fuel for cars
Cable, Phone, Internet
Cell Phones
Kids Sports and Lessons

So present expenses with taxes run about $84,000 per year or about $7,000 per month or $230 per day. When I add my dreams to my expenses, I can expect them to increase substancially.

For today, I will focus on what it will take to get me home with my family at my present income level. I have to take into consideration that my wife loves her job, for now, so I would only need half of this, so about $3,500 per month or about $115 per day.

This feels very attainable.

Figure out your numbers and see what you need to do to make your dreams come true.

Leave a comment below. What's your number?


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